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Broken Like You

Trigger Warnings

Content/Trigger Warnings For Broken Like You

What trigger/content warning fits & where it is found in the book


Claire Chapter page 5: Domestic Violence Eluded (Griff grabbing her too hard)

Claire Chapter Page 8: Estranged Parent (talking about her mom with Greta)

Claire Chapter Page 9: Jealous Partner (Griffin calling and yelling at Claire)

Johnny Chapter Page 14: Assault (Johnny recalling a situation with Franklin)

Johnny Chapter Page 15: Drug addiction (Johnny mentions briefly)

Claire Chapter Page 19: DV reference (Claire talking about her bruises)

Johnny Chapter Page 24: Assault (Johnny being punched for being late with delivery)

Claire Chapter Page 28: DV (talking about her fading bruises)

Claire Chapter Page 30: Cheating (Claire referencing Griffin being disgusting with the girl he worked with)

Claire Chapter Page 44: Cheating (Griffin with Shelby, Rosie telling her on the phone)

Johnny Chapter Page 51: Assault (Johnny getting jumped trying to deliver Franklins package)

Claire Chapter Page 55: Wounds and Assault aftermath (Finding Johnny in the alley)

Johnny Chapter Page 75: Controlling Partner (Johnny overhearing Claire on the phone with Griffin)

Claire Chapter Page 84: Degrading (Griffin calling Claire a slut and being nasty)

Johnny Chapter Page 94-95: DV (Claire dreaming that Griffin is hurting her)

Johnny Chapter Page 108: Alluded Child Abuse (Johnny asking Billy if his uncle has hurt him lately)

Claire Chapter Page 117: Gaslighting (Griffin trying to make Claire into the bad guy)

Johnny Chapter Page 143: Suicide (Griffin calling Claire)

Johnny Chapter Page 169: Drug reference (Claire mentioning Johnny being a runner)

Johnny Chapter Page 174: DV (Griffin attacking Claire)

Johnny Chapter Page 176: Assault (Johnny pushing Griffin down the stairs)

Johnny Chapter Page 188: Parental Death (Johnny talking about his mom)

Claire Chapter Page 196: Child abuse (Johnny talking about Billy)

Johnny Chapter Page 203: DV (Johnny talking to Claire about her bruises)

Claire Chapter Page 212: Sexual Assault (Jared creeping on Claire)

Claire Chapter Page 237: Implied Sexual Assault (Jared being a creep AGAIN)

Johnny Chapter Page 244: Overdose (Johnny talking about his Aunt)

Claire Chapter Page 258: Drugs (Cocaine mentioned)

Johnny Chapter Page 262: Murder (Jared and Steve being shot in the alley)

Claire Chapter Page 275: Possible Homicide (Claire saying she will make sure Griffin never speaks again)

Claire Chapter Page 289: Murder (Claire poisoning Griffin)

Claire Chapter Page 300: Murder (Johnny getting shot)

Johnny Chapter Page 309: Gunshot (Johnny talking about being shot)

Claire Chapter Page 317: Gunshot and Trauma (Claire talking about Johnny being shot)

Claire Chapter Page 337: Murder (referencing what happened in the alley)

Johnny Chapter Page 354: Dv & Assault eluded (talking about Griffin)

Claire Chapter Page 373: Murder (Claire talking about poisoning Griffin and the call from the officer)

Johnny Chapter Page 387: Plotted murder (Johnny thinking of ending Franklins life)

Johnny Chapter Page 402: Death (Claire telling her dad about Griffin)

Claire Chapter Page 416: Assault (Luciano getting fed up with Claire sneaking around)

Claire Chapter Page 435: Kidnapping (Claire being kidnapped)

Claire Chapter Page 440: Assault (Claire at the hands of Franklin's cronies)

Johnny Chapter Page 449: Murder (Johnny shooting Franklins man)

Claire Chapter Page 453: Murder (Claire talking about poisoning Griffin)

Claire Chapter Page 470: Murder (Referencing the men they shot to save Claire)

Johnny Chapter Page 480: Murder (Referencing the same men as earlier)

Johnny Chapter Page 483: Kidnapping (Franklin kidnapping Rosie)

Claire Chapter Page 495: Attempted murder (Franklin attacking Rosie)

Johnny Chapter: Murder massacre (The mafia war)

Johnny Chapter page 524: Death (Johnny's Father Dying)

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