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Untamed Vixen

Trigger Warnings

Content/Trigger Warnings For Untamed Vixen
What trigger/content warning fits & where it is found in the book


June Chapter Page 9 attempted SA (June in the bathroom)
Dominic Chapter Page 17 Planned Homicide (Dominic to the boys)
Dominic Chapter Page 27 Murder (Smuggler at the hands of Dom)
Dominic Chapter Page 28 Murder (Choosing Beckett over Dom)
June Chapter Page 50 Domestic Violence Mention (Talking about Claire’s ex)
Magnus Chapter Page 102 Assault/ Murder (Hostage in Ware house)
Magnus Chapter Page 104 Murder (Still in Warehouse)
June Chapter Page 129 Kidnapping (June at the hands of Rival’s Men)
June Chapter Page 134 Assault & Stabbing (June getting back at Rival’s croney)
June Chapter Page 167 Assault/ Possible Attempted Murder (June talking about Cora if Riavl’s men get to her)
June Chapter Page 234 Kidnapping (reference to prior scene)
Cohen Chapter Page 244 Murder (massacre in which Dom found Cohen)
Cohen Chapter Page 250 Murder (man mouthing off about June Cohen shoots him)
June Chapter Page 277 Possible Homicide (Cohen threatening Simon)
Magnus Chapter Page 303 Assault (Vincent and Dom)
Magnus Chapter Page 304- 306 Torture & Murder (Vincent)
Cohen Chapter Page 346 Multiple Murders (Cohen losing his grip on reality after June is shot)
Epilogue June Chapter page 373 Overdose (Carter getting what he deserves)
Also mentions of drugs

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