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Wings of a Devil

Trigger Warnings

Content/Trigger Warnings For Wings of a Devil

What trigger/content warning fits & where it is found in the book


Chapter 1: Breath Play (Banks telling Axel to choke her tighter)

Chapter 1: Deceased/Murdered Sibling (Banks mentioning her deceased brother)

Chapter 2: Phobia (Banks stating she's a germaphobe)

Chapter 2: Alluded Sexual Assault (Man at the bar being a creep and putting his hands on Banks)

Chapter 2: Alluded Murder (Man who came to help Banks at the bar telling the creep off)

Chapter 2: Deceased/Murdered Sibling (Banks mentioning her deceased brother)

Chapter 2: Murder (Banks stating that Savini is a murderer)

Chapter 2: Deceased/Murdered Sibling (Banks mentioning her deceased brother)

Chapter 2: Childhood Abuse/ Attempted Murder (Savini talking about his dad trying to murder him when he was 10)

Chapter 2: Deceased/Murdered Sibling (Banks mentioning her deceased brother)

Chapter 2: Media Coverup (Banks saying she knew the media was covering for the police in her brother's murder)

Chapter 2: Alluded Murder (Banks stating that Savini was willing to murder a man for being a creep)

Chapter 2: Murder (Banks talking about how Savini was paid to pull a hit by Franklin)

Chapter 2: Revenge (Banks stating she will get her revenge for her brother Jared)

Chapter 3: Lies (Banks talking about all the lies in play)

Chapter 4: Murder/Deceased Sibling (Banks talking about her brother being shot in the alley)

Chapter 4: Murder/Revenge (Banks talking about getting her revenge for her brother's death)

Chapter 4: Childhood trauma (Banks talking about her therapist)

Chapter 4: Murder (Banks wondering how Savini can do what he does)

Chapter 5: Deceased Parent (Banks letting Savini know her mom passed away)

Chapter 5: Deceased Parent/Domestic Violence/Domestic Abuse (Banks telling Savini how her step father killed her mother)

Chapter 5: Child Abuse (Banks recalling her past when her stepdad would beat her and her brother Jared)

Chapter 5: Failure of system (Banks recalling how nobody helped her and her brother)

Chapter 5: Murder (Savini stating he kills bad guys)

Chapter 5: Deceased Sibling (Banks finding out why her brother died)

Chapter 5: Deceased Parent (Savini stating his mother has passed away too)

Chapter 5: Murder (Savini stating he kills people for a living)

Chapter 5: Knife play (Banks holding the hidden knife to Lorenzo's throat & in return to Banks throat)

Chapter 6: Deceased sibling (Banks wondering why her brother was murdered)

Chapter 6: Murder (Banks asking Lorenzo why he doesn't just kill her)

Chapter 6: Child abuse (Banks talking about how her and Jared went separate ways to escape)

Chapter 6: Drugs (Banks saying her mom must of been on drugs when she named her)

Chapter 6: Deceased Parent/ Child abuse /Domestic Violence/Murder (Banks explaining to Claire why she is there)

Chapter 6: Murder/Deceased Sibling (Banks understanding why Lorenzo did what he did to Jared)

Chapter 8: Attempted Murder (Banks and Lorenzo at gun point with each other)

Chapter 8: Gun play (Lorenzo toying with Banks)

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