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Harper Shadow Academy Series

This box set includes all five books in the Harper Shadow Academy series. Buckle up for a magical ride full of adventure, suspense, and heart-wrenching romance.

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Harper Shadow Academy Series: Work

Harper Shadow Academy

A cursed witch, four intriguing young men, and a shadow realm hidden within their academy.

My name is Willow Oliver, and I’m descended from a bloodline of powerful yet cursed witches. At least, that’s what my mother claims. Most people think she’s crazy.

I never put too much thought into it—the whole being a witch thing—I assumed my strange quirks were something everyone else had.

Flowers don’t glow when you look at them?

When others my age go off to faraway colleges and escape our sleepy town, I stay close to home so I can continue to keep an eye on my mother.

My new academy buzzes with a familiar energy. One that half the student body doesn’t seem to notice. The others simply disappear through hazy shadows, vanishing into thin air. Three of the four men I’m magnetically drawn to have skin that feels like electric when we touch, something magical hidden under the surface of each of them. 

The more I uncover, the more I doubt my sanity, making me consider one of two things: I’m going crazy, too, or maybe my mom was right after all.

And if what she said of our lineage was true, will I be strong enough to face the ancient curse that is stealing our power? Or will I succumb to it while risking the lives of the ones I can’t help but care for?


Hidden Magic


Cursed Magic


Wicked Magic


Ancient Magic


Sacred Magic

Harper Shadow Academy Series: Work
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