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Harper Shadow Academy

Trigger Warnings

Content/Trigger Warnings For Harper Shadow Academy

What trigger/content warning fits & where it is found in the book


Hidden Magic: Book One Triggers

Chapter 1 Page 9: Cheating (Willow remembering Brooke’s dad cheating on her mom)

Chapter 1 Page 9: Dementia/Mental Illness (Talking about Willow’s mom slowly losing her mind)

Chapter 1 Page 9: Alcoholism (Willow talking about finding her mom’s whiskey stash for every meal)

Chapter 5 Page 36: Mental Illness (Willow thinking whatever is wrong with her mom is hereditary)

Chapter 6 Page 50: Psychosis/ Mental Illness (Willow referencing her mother)

Chapter 8 Page 59 & 60: Drug Addiction Reference & Alcoholism (Lillian asking Willow if she is on drugs and them stating they don’t drink due to bad things happening)

Chapter 10 Page 76: Mental Illness (Willow talking about her mom)

Chapter 13 page 100: Mental Illness (Willow talking about her mom with Sydney)

Chapter 14 page 108: Mental Illness and Medication (Willow's mom saying she hasn't been taking her medication)

Chapter 16 page 126: Animal Attack (Willow in the woods with the wolf)

Chapter 24 Page 186: Assault (Willow being attacked by the demon in the shadow realm)

Chapter 24 Page 189: Death (Silas at the hands accidentally of Willow)

Cursed Magic: Book Two Triggers

Chapter 1 Page 5: Murder (Willow talking about when she thought she killed Silas)

Chapter 4 Page 23: Murder (Willow talking to Silas about killing him)

Chapter 6 Page 45: Mental Illness (The voice in Willow's head telling her she's crazy)

Chapter 8 Page 59: Panic Attacks (Willow having one due to the voice in her head)

Chapter 15 Page 106: Missing person (Willow's mom missing when going to see friend Jenny)

Chapter 16 Page 107: Missing Person/Parent (Willow’s mom mentioned again)

Chapter 18 Page 133: Suicide eluded (The voice in Willow's head telling her to be gone)

Chapter 20 Page 149: Missing person and murder (Willow talking to Silas about her mom and killing him)

Chapter 24: Family Abandonment (Sydney disowning his family)

Wicked Magic: Book Three Triggers

Chapter 5 Pages 32-33: Emetophobia (Willow getting sick to her stomach in the bathroom in front of Sydney)

Chapter 10 Page 72: Abandonment (Sydney's parents not even acknowledging him)

Chapter 13 page 99: Abandonment (Sydney's parents mentioned again)

Chapter 14 Page 103: Financial Struggles (Cam talking to Willow about his brother and house)

Chapter 15 Page 107: Murder (Willow referring to what she did to Silas)

Chapter 17 Page 127: Missing Person (Willow referencing her mom)

Chapter 22 Page 163: Assault (The Kole vamp attacking Willow)

Chapter 24 Page 180: Missing person (Willow referencing her mom)

Chapter 27 page 206: Suicide (Silas eating the flower that would kill him)

Ancient Magic: Book Four Triggers

Prologue Page 7: Heartache (Willow sitting in her sadness and not eating) 

Chapter 1 Page 12: Grief (Willow over Silas)

Chapter 1 page 15: Body Image (Willow seeing herself in the mirror)

Chapter 2 Page 19: Mental Health (Lillian seeing things)

Chapter 3 Page 28: Nightmares (Willow dreaming about burning alive)

Chapter 6 Page 47: Assault (Willow attacking the werewolf and Sydney talking her off the ledge)

Chapter 9 Page 78: Adoption (Lillian’s grandmother telling her)

Chapter 17 page 136: Forced Maturity (Willow talking about being forced to grow up when she had to take care of her mother)

Chapter 20 Page 156: Mental illness (Allie losing her mind)

Chapter 22 Page 175: Drug Addiction (Cameron talking about his brother looking for a job)

Chapter 26 page 199: Nightmare (Willow having the Silas nightmare again)

Sacred Magic: Book Five Triggers

Page 1 Prologue: Torture (Silas talking about Balail)

Page 22 Chapter 3: Torture (Willow thinking back to Silas being in hell with Balail)

Page 53 Chapter 7: Suicide (Sydney talking to Silas about what he tried with the reperio stone)

Page 66 Chapter 9: Suicide (Willow eluding to her "suicide" mission to get Silas back)

Page 77 Chapter 11: Alcoholism (Cameron talking about his brother's drinking)

Page 110 Chapter 15: Suicide (Sydney scolding Willow for her thinking of fighting Balial)

Page 115 Chapter 16: Emotional Torture Description (Silas talking about his time in hell)

Page 178 Chapter 25:  Arachnophobia (spider demon Willow is fighting)

Page 188 Chapter 26: Suicide (suicide mission mentioned )

Page 199 Chapter 28: Torture (Willow referencing Silas in hell)

All of chapter 33: Entomophobia (bugs referenced the whole chapter)

Page 233 Chapter 34: Entomophobia (Willow fighting the bugs)

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