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Falling for the Enemy

Trigger Warnings

Content/Trigger Warnings For Falling for the Enemy

What trigger/content warning fits & where it is found in the book


Stolen by Monsters (Book One)

Page 5 Chapter 1: broken bones and body (Wren talking about her body)

Page 8 Chapter 1: Murder (Wren talking about her mom's murder

Page 19 Chapter 2: Assault (Bo biting and making Wren)

Page 34 Chapter 4: Torture & Murder( Wren talking about what happens to the Demons once they go to Rock Bridge)

Page 34 Chapter 4: Murder (Wren saying she will be beheaded for failing her mission)

Page 36 Chapter 4: Dismemberment (Wren being confused as to why Wes & Bo haven't killed Dash)

Page 45 Chapter 5: Assault (Wes attacking Bo for talking about Wren)

Page 49 Chapter 5: Murder (Wes talking about killing hunters)

Page 55 Chapter 5: Assault (Wes attacking Bo again)

Page 78 Chapter 8: Night terrors (Wren talking about having night terrors)

Page 80 Chapter 8: Suicide (Wren telling Bo she'd kill herself if she were him)

Page 87 Chapter 9: Murder (Dash talking about the reasons Wes, Bo & Wren murder)

Page 94 Chapter 9: Poisoning (Bo being poisoned by the claw during the fight with the demons)

Page 107 Chapter 11: Sexual Assualt (The creep at the tavern making unwanted advances on Wren)  

Page 108 Chapter 11: Assault (The demons attacking Bo in the tavern)

Page 111 Chapter 11: Sheltoelnophobia / Fear of being crush (Wren trapped under the ogre during the fight)

Page 117 Chapter 12: Pyrophobia / Fear of Fire (Wes setting the tavern on fire)

Page 129 Chapter 13: Assault (Dash being attacked by the wendigo from the tavern)

Page 130 Chapter 13: Death (Dash dying at the hands of the wendigo)

Page 134 Chapter 14: Suicide (Wren threatening to kill herself if Wes & Bo won’t give her information)

Page 135 Chapter 14: Pyrophobia / Fear of Fire (Dash’s body catching on fire as his life renews)

Page 155 Chapter 16: Cnidophobia / Fear of being stung (The hornet demons stinging them as they cross the barrier)

Fighting for Monsters (Book Two)

Chapter 1 Page 6: Torture (Wren looking back on all the demons she had brought to Rock Bridge)

Chapter 1 Page 7: Nyctophobia / Fear of the dark (Wren stating how incredibly dark it is in the cell)

Chapter 1 Page 11: Assault (The guards attacking Wren)

Chapter 2 Page 15: Suicide (Bo referencing the mission at hand)

Chapter 3 Page 19: Assault (Wes being beat up while the guards look for answers)

Chapter 4 Page 27: Torture (Wren referencing her and Wes being physically tortured) 

Chapter 5 Page 44: Murder/Deceased parent (Wren referncing her mother being murdered) 

Chapter 5 Page 49: Assault (Guard attacking Wren)

Chapter 6 Page 62: Murder (Dash killing one of the men who has Bo)

Chapter 6 Page 68: Assisted Suicide (Bo killing Dash so he can heal faster)

Chapter 7 Page 73: Torture (Rollo torturing Wren at Parla’s request)

Chapter 7 Page 77: Murder (Parla telling Wren she will force her to kill Wes)

Chapter 11 Page 115: Ommetaphobia / Fear of eyeballs (Wren removing the one guards eyeball with her spoon)

Chapter 11 Page 116: Trypanophobia / Fear of injections (Wren being injected with something)

Chapter 12 Page 121: Deceased Parent & Pyrophobia (Wren remembering her mother and childhood home burning to the ground)

Chapter 12 Page 126: Assault (Wren fighting the guards)

Chapter 12 Page 130: Suicide (Rollo drinking the vial instead of helping Parla)

Chapter 13 Page 137: Dog attack (Wes in his hellhound form attacking and killing the guard)

Chapter 15 Page 163: Strangulation (Wren killing a guard)

Chapter 16 Page 181: Poisoning (Demons explaining the guards are going to release a toxin)

Chapter 17 Page 188: Murder (Bo killing the impatient demon)

Fated to Monsters (Book Three)

Chapter 1 : Alluded Murder (Wren saying she will kill Tremont if he betrayed them)

Chapter 3 : Murder & Meaninglessness (Wren saying her life has no purpose without doing what Parla made her do)

Chapter 4 : Alluded murder (Sydney saying WIllow will kill Tremont if she finds out he is back)

Chapter 5 : Murder (Wren saying she was supposed to kill Wes at the hands of Parla)

Chapter 5 : Assault (Bo attacking Sydney)

Chapter 6 : Torture (Dash’s memories making him remember his torture)

Chapter 7: Alluded Murder (Bo saying they kill Tremont)

Chapter 7 : Parental Death (Wren remembering her mom passing away)

Chapter 7 : Neglectful Parents (Sydney talking about how his parents didn’t accept him)

Chapter 7 : Murder (Wren talking about how Parla made her kill demons to take their power)

Chapter 9 : Genocide (Bo talking about how Parla was trying to kill all demons at remove any trace of them)

Chapter 9: Planned murder (Bo saying how he wants to kill Parla and the wendigo that hurt Dash)

Chapter 11 : Parental death & abandonment (Wren talking to Willow about how her mom passed away and her dad left them)

Chapter 11 : Parental death & murder (Wren stating how she was yanked from her mother when she died and that Parla trained her to kill)

Chapter 12 : Sibling Death (Everest talking to Wes about how his brother died)

Chapter 12 : Murder (Jade discussing how she figured out the hunters were killing and harvesting the power from demons)

Chapter 14 : Sibling Death (Wes talking about why Everest was there)

Chapter 14 : Murder (Wren talking about how she murdered the demons under Parla’s instruction)

Chapter 15 : Attempted Murder (Wren asking Balial why theu didn’t just kill Parla when they had the chance)

Chapter 16 : Assault, attempted murder, choking (Wren being attacked at the hands of a student) 

Chapter 17 : Bloodplay (Bo tell Wren he wants to taste her during her menstruation cycle)

Chapter 17 : Plotted murder (Wren saying how she has to kill Parla)

Chapter 17 : Murder & Torture (Wren telling Dash how she has to kill Parla even though she wishes she could torture her slowly instead)

Chapter 18 : Assault (Wren being attacked once they get back to Prania)

Chapter 18 : Murder (Pippa telling Wren many of the demon’s died in the poison fog)

Chapter 18 : Dictatorship (Wren explaining to Pippa that Parla is a dictator and will kill anyone in her way)

Chapter 18 : Murder (Pippa asking Wren if she came back to murder Parla)

Chapter 18 : Death (Dash dying at the hands of the wendigo again)

Chapter 19 : Torture (Dash recalling that it was Parla that tortured him)

Chapter 20 : Parental death (Wren saying how she was blaming the demons for the death of her mother)

Chapter 20 : Murder (Wren killing a hunter that attacked her)

Chapter 22 : Parental death (Wren remembering how her mother was actually killed)

Chapter 22-23 non stop battle

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