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Trigger Warnings

Content/Trigger Warnings For Villain Era

What trigger/content warning fits & where it is found in the book


Chapter 1 June Page 1: Murder (June thinking about the murder she committed in Untamed Vixen)

Chapter 1 June Page 2: Murder/Rage (Co going blind rage and murdering at the party when he thought June was dead)

Chapter 1 June Page 2: Death (June talking about how possessive and concerned Magnus is after she almost died)

Chapter 1 June Page 4: Murder (June talking about Dom & Magnus are murderers)

Chapter 1 June Page 8: Kidnapping (June referencing to when she was kidnapped)

Chapter 2 Simon Page 13: Gunshot (Simon referencing June being shot)

Chapter 2 Simon Page 14: Alluded Eating Disorder (Simon noticing that June isn’t eating and is losing weight)

Chapter 2 Simon Page 14: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/PTSD (Simon noting the June absolutely has PTSD after being shot

Chapter 2 Simon Page 17: Gunshot (Simon recalling watching after June while she recovered)

Chapter 2 Simon Page 20: Scars/ Attempted Murder (Simon mentioning the scar on June’s face from when she was attacked)

Chapter 2 Simon Page 22: Attempted Murder (June talking about when she tried to kill Simon)

Chapter 2 Simon Page 22: Panic Attack (June having a panic attack & Simon talking her through it)

Chapter 2 Simon Page 24: Death (Simon explaining that the men are doing what they are doing because she almost died)

Chapter 2 Simon Page 24: Kidnapping/ Torture (Simon talking about what Vincent did to June)

Chapter 3 June Page 28: Deceased Parent (June talking about her and Co’s deceased mothers)

Chapter 3 June Page 30: Abusive Parent/ Alcoholism (June talking about her father)

Chapter 3 June Page 35: Deceased Grandparent (Simon telling June about his grandfather’s ring/ family heirloom)

Chapter 3 June Page 36: Nightmares/Night Terrors (June having a nightmare while Simon wakes her from it)

Chapter 3 June Page 37: Aquaphobia (Fear of Drowning) (Simon telling June about his nightmares)

Chapter 4 Coen Page 39:  Murder (Coen thinking of murdering everyone in the meeting)

Chapter 4 Coen Page 40: Murder (Coen thinking of the alternative if Bradshaw doesn’t call his man off)

Chapter 4 Coen Page 52: Deceased Parent (June talking about her mom)

Chapter 4 Coen Page 55: Deceased Parent (Coen talking about his mom)

Chapter 4 Coen Page 56: Assault (Coen talking about seeing his dad being beat up)

Chapter 4 Coen Page 57: Deceased Parent/Murder (Coen talking about seeing his dad be murdered in front of him)

Chapter 4 Coen Page 58: Rage/Murder (Coen talking about the scene Dom found him in)

Chapter 5 June Page 59: Murder/Deceased Parent (June understanding why Co did what he did)

Chapter 6 Dominic Page 65: Murder (Dom talking about the heads of West & East coast ending up murdered)

Chapter 6 Dominic Page 66: Rage (Dom being very over angry about not knowing who to trust)

Chapter 6 Dominic Page 71: Assault (Dom attacking and choking Magnus for speaking out of line)

Chapter 6 Dominic Page 72: Kidnapping/Assault/Torture/Murder (Dom stating that the person behind all of those from Untamed Vixen is still alive)

Chapter 7 June Page 77: PTSD/Panic Attack/Murder (June thinking back to when she was kidnapped and how she enacted her revenge

Chapter 7 June Page 81: Torture/Murder (June thinking how a talk after a day of work would go)

Chapter 7 June Page 82: Death (Simon telling June there was casualties with a shipment)

Chapter 7 June Page 84: Alluded Eating Disorder (Simon telling June he notices she doesn’t eat like she should)

Chapter 8 June Page 97: Murder (June watching the underground fight and seeing it’s to the death)

Chapter 8 June Page 100: Stockholm Syndrome (June telling Simon he has that)

Chapter 9 June Page 106: Attempted Murder/Murder (June recalling the fight the night before)

Chapter 9 June Page 106: Lying (June keeping secrets from her men)

Chapter 9 June Page 107: Self Harm/Murder/Torture (June wondering if that is what she needs to get a rush)

Chapter 9 June Page 110: Self Harm (June pressing her fingernails so hard into her hand she hurts herself)

Chapter 9 June Page 113: Nightmares (June realizing she had a nightmare when Simon is in her bed)

Chapter 10 Magnus Page 118: Murder (Magnus saying murdering Dom would make life easier)

Chapter 10 Magnus Page 121: Self Harm (Magus noticing what June did to her palm)

Chapter 10 Magnus Page 125: Murder (Magnus seeing the murder Dom committed)

Chapter 11 June Page 143: Deceased Sibling/Drowning (Gwenyth talking about Simon’s sister’s accident and him almost drowning trying to save her)

Chapter 12 Dominic Page 147-149: Torture (Dom torturing a man for information)

Chapter 12 Dominic Page 150: Murder (Dom killing his torturee)

Chapter 12 Dominic Page 151-152: Gunshot (Dom talking with Savini about June)

Chapter 12 Dominic Page 153: Drug Usage (Dom with Savini)

Chapter 12 Dominic Page 153-154: Murder (Dom & Savini slaughtering the men)

Chapter 13 June Page 156: Nightmares (June's rage funneling her nightmares)

Chapter 13 June Page 163: Murder (June thinking back to when she killed the man)

Chapter 13 June Page 180: Domestic Violence (Creep at the bar admitting to beating his girlfriend)

Chapter 13 June Page 183: Assault/Murder (Creep attacking June & Simon for his bike & June in turn killing him)

Chapter 14 Coen Page 204: Murder (Coen killing his attacker)

Chapter 16 Simon Page 225: Murder (Simon speaking about the man June killed the other night)

Chapter 16 Simon Page 231: Gun Violence (Attacker in the bar Simon, June & Cora are at)

Chapter 16 Simon Page 234: Murder (Simon killing the shooter at the bar)

Chapter 17 June Page 244: Self Harm (June thinking about hurting herself with her nails again)

Chapter 17 June Page 251: PTSD (Magnus talking to June and making sure she is okay after the shooting)

Chapter 19 June Page 271: Aerophobia (June realizing she has a fear of flying)

Chapter 19 June Page 276: Abusive Parent/Deceased Parent/ Alcoholism/ Neglected Child (June speaking on her childhood after her mother passed)

Chapter 20 Magnus Page 296: Gunshot (Magnus telling June that Co got shot)

Chapter 21 June Page 303: Assault/Kidnapping (June & Simon getting jumped)

Chapter 21 June Page 304: Murder (June recalling the man she killed)

Chapter 21 June Page 306: Assault (Cronie back handing June)

Chapter 21 June Page 307: Deceased Parent (June talking about her mother)

Chapter 21 June Page 310: Implied Sexual Assault (Bronco talking to June)

Chapter 21 June Page 312: Implied Rape/ Assault/ Murder (Bronco saying he is going to “have his way with June” and Simon murdering him for it)

Chapter 22 Simon Page 315: Gunshot (June getting shot in the shoulder running with Simon)

Chapter 23 June Page 316: Aquaphobia (June fearing Simon drowning since he can’t swim)

Chapter 23 June Page 318: Gunshot Wound (Simon seeing just how bad June’s wound is)

Chapter 23 June Page 320: Nightmares/PTSD/ Alluded Eating Disorder (Simon telling June everything he notices about her)

Chapter 29 June Page 368: Gunshot Wound (June talking about her arm)

Chapter 29 June Page 372: Mental Health/Depression/Alluded Eating Disorder/Self Harm (June talking about everything she has been feeling for the past 6 months)

Chapter 29 June Page 373: Attempted Murder (June talking about when she tried to kill Simon)

Chapter 30 Coen Page 386: Alluded Murder Threat (Coen threatening Bradshaw)

Chapter 30 Coen Page 392: Gunshot Wound (Coen getting shot)

Chapter 31 June Page 395: Murder (Johnny saying how glad he is he killed Franklin)

Chapter 31 June Page 397: Deceased Child (Gwenyth telling June she killed Vincent, her son)

Chapter 31 June Page 400: Murder (June & Claire finishing off Gwenyth)

Chapter 33 June Page 409:  Nightmares (June having nightmares of losing her men)

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