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Falling for the Enemy Series

Falling for the Enemy is a fantasy/paranormal enemies-to-lovers romance featuring a ruthless heroine, a broody demon, an arrogant alpha, and a mysterious human who has yet to discover what he is.

This is book one of an entirely new series but is set in the same book universe as Luna's prior series, the Harper Shadow Academy.

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Falling for the Enemy

A fearless assassin, three of her enemies, and a truth she isn’t ready to accept.


I’ve routinely hunted them my entire life, wanting to wipe their kind from this realm.

My deadly accurate aim has kept me alive this long.

Until now.

I miss a shot for the first time and come face to face with my targets.

I should have died.

Instead, these creatures drag me back to their land and hold me captive.

Wes—the commanding demon in charge.
Bo—the sadistic alpha.
Dash—I don’t know what he is, but he’s too cheery for this realm.

After being marked by the alpha and with his venom coursing through my veins—I become a beacon that draws death closer to my doorstep every day.

The only way to survive is to stay close to these monsters.

I told myself I’d go along with their plan only because I had to. But then I realize my hatred has been replaced with…desire and intrigue.

This was never supposed to happen.


Stolen by Monsters


Fighting for Monsters


Fated to Monsters

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