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Ruin My Life

Trigger Warnings

Content/Trigger Warnings For Ruin My Life
What trigger/content warning fits & where it is found in the book



Chapter Two, Cora (Page 10):  Mention of loan sharking and parental death. (Ricardo, who is unknown name wise at the time, threatening Cora’s father over her mother’s cancer treatment)

Chapter Two, Cora (Page 12): Mention of intended assault (Ricardo saying that he won’t hurt Cora, at least not yet)

Chapter Two, Cora (Page 12): Implication of human trafficking (Ricardo saying he takes Cora as payment)

Chapter Two, Cora (Page 14): Mention of death of a parent by cancer and murder (Ricardo stating he will kill Cora’s father if she doesn’t comply and let the cancer take it’s course on her mother. )

Chapter Two, Cora (Page 16): Parental manipulation (Cora talking to her father about her mother’s illness) 

Chapter Three, Alec (Page 28-29): Mention of predatory boss (Alec noticing something is wrong with Cora, and she racks it up to her boss being a creep)

Chapter Four, Cora (Page 33): Internalization of suffering (Cora struggling with the fact that not everything is okay.) 

Chapter Four, Cora (Page 34): Mention of human trafficking (ownage) (Cora thinking back to how Ricardo states he owns her now) 

Chapter Four, Cora (Page 34):  Parental death & murder implication (Cora stating she wasn’t going to let Ricardo kill her father and mother in the process)

Chapter Four, Cora (Page 34): Implication of sexual assault (Cora talking about how uncomfortable Ricardo makes her)

Chapter Four, Cora (Page 35): Implication of suspected murder (Cora recalling how if she told anyone Ricardo would kill them) 

Chapter Four, Cora (Page 36): Blackmail and implied murder (Cora stating again how if she tells anyone what is happening that Ricardo would kill them and take her away) 

Chapter Four, Cora (Page 41): Lying (Cora lying to June about being okay)

Chapter Four, Cora (Page 43): Implication of human trafficking (Cora thinking about what will happen to her with Ricardo)

Chapter Four, Cora (Page 44): Assault (Cora being grabbed and yanked around by Ricardo’s man) 

Chapter Four, Cora (Page 45): Implication of murder (Ricardo teasing Cora about not telling anyone about this yet and he reminds her that he said she would kill everyone she loves) 

Chapter Four, Cora (Page 45): Non-consensual search (Ricardo’s man searching Cora in the alleyway

Chapter Four, Cora (Page 46): Mention of parental murder (Cora thinking back to how Ricardo stated he would kill her parents) 

Chapter Four, Cora (Page 46): Forced pregnancy ideology (Ricardo not caring that Cora did not want children and telling her she will give him an heir a son)

Chapter Four, Cora (Page 47): Forced pregnancy and rape implication (Ricardo threatening Cora in the alleyway) 

Chapter Five, Miller (Page 49): Suggested murder (Miller wondering how many men he has to murder to fix this shipment issue)

Chapter Five, Miller (Page 53): Mention of illegal activities (Miller talking about what kind of illegal activities they partake in)

Chapter Five, Miller (Page 53): Mention of human trafficking (Miller stating that he and his men refuse to be involved in human trafficking)

Chapter Five, Miller (Page 59): Blackmail, infidelity (Miller threatening to out the owner of the Wellerton)

Chapter Five, Miller (Page 61): Human trafficking implication (Miller stating that he knows Ricardo has tried to sell his daughter) 

Chapter Five, Miller (Page 63): Human trafficking implication (Miller telling Ricardo that he would buy his daughter if wanted to just make him shut up)

Chapter Six, Cora (Page 66): Murder implication (Cora saying she wishes she could drown her boss in hand sanitizer)

Chapter Six, Cora (Page 67-70): Sexual assault (Cora’s boss Joshua assaulting Cora) 

Chapter Six, Cora (Page 70): Murder (Cora murdering her boss for assaulting her)

Chapter Six, Cora (Page 71-73): Murder (Cora telling Miller she killed her boss Joshua)

Chapter Six, Cora (Page 78): Systematic failure of court system (Cora thinking how she isn’t the judge of who lives and who dies) 

Chapter Six, Cora (Page 80-81): Mention of dead body, murder and weapon (Silver noting the murder weapon and Cora killing Joshua)

Chapter Six, Cora (Page 81): Mention of murder and implication of human trafficking (Cora stating that she can’t tell June because of Ricardo’s terms)

Chapter Six, Cora (Page 84): Mention of mental numbness, cancer and murder (Cora thinking of how numb she is to this whole situation with her father, mother and Ricardo)

Chapter Seven, Silver (Page 87): Noting of attack marks on Cora’s body (Silver seeing the strangulation marks on Cora’s neck)

Chapter Seven, Silver (Page 88): Mention of murder (Silver stating he can not remember his first kill) 

Chapter Seven, Silver (Page 92): Mention of murder for hire and illegal activities (Silver noting what he does for his job)

Chapter Seven, Silver (Page 100): Mention of sexual assault (Silver noting the rip in Cora’s clothes from Joshua) 

Chapter Seven, Silver (Page 100): Implication of murder (Silver stating he would kill Joshua if he wasn’t already dead)

Chapter Seven, Silver (Page 104): Mention of dead body (Cora stating that Silver took care of Joshua’s body for her)

Chapter Seven, Silver (Page 106): Mention of sick parent (Cora mentioning her mom has been sick)

Chapter Seven, Silver (Page 107): Mention of rape and murder (Cora stating she doesn’t feel bad for Joshua and she knew he was going to try and rape her)

Chapter Seven, Silver (Page 108): Murder (Cora joking that if she doesn’t like someone she can kill them and call Silver)

Chapter Eight, Cora (Page 116): Implication of human trafficking (Cora stating about how she will have to give herself over to Ricardo)

Chapter Eight, Cora (Page 122): Mention of attack marks (Silver noting the marks on Cora)

Chapter Eight, Cora (Page 123): Mention of murder (Silver saying if Cora didn’t kill Joshua he would of)

Chapter Nine, Cora (Page 125): Mention of murder (Cora noting what Silver does for a living)

Chapter Nine, Cora (Page 126): Intimidation (Ricardo leaving Cora a threatening voicemail)

Chapter Nine, Cora (Page 126): Implication of murder (Cora thinking that Silver would kill Ricardo)

Chapter Nine, Cora (Page 129): Mention of murder and sexual assault (Cora thinking back to killing Joshua at Alec’s question)

Chapter Nine, Cora (Page 131): Mention of deceased grandparent (Cora thinking back to her grandmother and how she passed away)

Chapter Nine, Cora (Page 131): Mention of lack of parental fundamentals (Cora mentioning how her parents lacked in bringing her up as a child)

Chapter Nine, Cora (Page 132): Mention of murder (Uncertainty of whether mom is alive or not)

Chapter Nine, Cora (Page 132): Implication of human trafficking (Cora’s deal with Ricardo)

Chapter Nine, Cora (Page 132): Noting assault marks (Cora covering the bruises Joshua left behind with makeup)

Chapter Ten, Cora (Page 134): Murder (Cora mentioning murder of Joshua) 

Chapter Ten, Cora (Page 138): Anger and mistrust of parent (Cora mentioning how mad she is at her father)

Chapter Ten, Cora (Page 138): Mention of cancer, sick parent, human trafficking of own body, loan shark, debt, murder, anxiety, and mental struggles (Cora noting the entire situation at hand)

Chapter Ten, Cora (Page 139): Secrets (Cora wishing she could tell Silver what is going on)

Chapter Eleven, Cora (Page 140): Parental distrust (Cora unable to sleep due to not trusting her dad)

Chapter Eleven, Cora (Page 141): Murder, loan shark, parental sickness, parental distrust, sexual assault, human trafficking implication, mental health struggles (Cora wanting to tell June what is going on but unable to)

Chapter Eleven, Cora (Page 150): Murder implication (Simon saying he wishes he could kill Ricardo) 

Chapter Eleven, Cora (Page 153): Murder (Cora thinking how Miller did not react to Cora being covered in blood or a dead body at her hands)  

Chapter Twelve, Alec (Page 164): Drunken disorderly conduct (Alec punching the drunken man for shoving into Cora)

Chapter Twelve, Alec (Page 172): Death Threat (Simon threatening Alec at the ball game)

Chapter Thirteen, Cora (Page 180): Death Threat (Simon playfully threatening Cora)

Chapter Thirteen, Cora (Page 180): Murder (Cora thinking that if she told Simon what was going on with Ricardo, he’d kill her parents)

Chapter Thirteen, Cora (Page 180): Murder ideation (Simon saying he would have to kill Alec if he hurt Cora)

Chapter Thirteen, Cora (Page 181): Human trafficking implication (Cora thinking that staying with Alec long term would be nice, but Ricardo owns her)

Chapter Fourteen, Cora (Page 190): Intimidation (Cora ignoring her phone, and being worried it’s Ricardo)

Chapter Fourteen, Cora (Page 194): Intimidation (Alec seeing Ricardo’s messages on Cora’s phone)

Chapter Fourteen, Cora (Page 197): Murder (Cora talking about murdering her boss with Alec while drunk)

Chapter Fourteen, Cora (Page 198): Mention of murder, human trafficking, parental distrust (Cora drunkenly telling Alec what is going on)

Chapter Fifteen, Alec (Page 200): Human trafficking implication and forced pregnancy (Alec trying to make sense of what Cora has said)

Chapter Fifteen, Alec (Page 202): Mention of illegal activities (Cora saying she knows what June’s men do to a minimum)

Chapter Sizteen, Cora (Page 212-213): Forced pregnancy ideation (Cora mentioning Ricardo making her have a baby)

Chapter Sixteen, Cora (Page 214): Kidnapping (Ricardo’s man kidnapping Cora)

Chapter Sixteen, Cora (Page 216): Human trafficking, assault, sexism (Ricardo assault Cora over the fact that she doesn’t want him to buy her clothes)

Chapter Sixteen, Cora (Page 217): Human trafficking and forced pregnancy ideation (Cora stating that she is only free for a little bit longer)

Chapter Sixteen, Cora (Page 217): Rape (Ricardo saying if Cora tries to run her will hurt her)
Chapter Sizteen, Cora (Page 219): Murder attempt of a parent (Cora talking with Ricardo’s daughter about why she can not be friends with his pets)

Chapter Sixteen, Cora (Page 219): Murder (Cora stating she can not get out of this by any other way than death and he would kill her parents for that)

Chapter Sixteen, Cora (Page 220): Mention of previous murder, mental burden (Cora stating how heavily murdering Joshua is weighing on her)

Chapter Sixteen, Cora (Page 223): Murderous ideology (Cora saying she could slit Ricardo’s throat right here)

Chapter Sixteen, Cora (Page 225): Parental emotional abuse (How Ricardo talks to his daughter London) 

Chapter Sixteen, Cora (Page 227): Mention of blackmailing, parental death, human trafficking, parental mistrust, assault (Cora telling London how she became involved with Ricardo. )

Chapter Sixteen, Cora (Page 228): Attempted murder (London telling Cora that she attempted to kill her father)

Chapter Sixteen, Cora (page 229) : Human trafficking implication (London telling Cora that Ricardo did not kill her previously because he wants to sell her off)

Chapter Seventeen, Miller (Page 233): Breaking and entering (Miller saying he broke into Cora’s parents house to learn about her 

Chapter Seventeen, Miller (Page 235): Mention of previous murder (Cora telling MIller, Silver brought her to his apartment to change out her clothes since she had no where to go)

Chapter Seventeen, Miller (Page 237): Murderous intent (Miller stating that if she did not kill Joshua he would have)

Chapter Seventeen, Miller (Page 240): Murderous intention (Miller saying he wishes he could just kill Ricardo now for being a sleaze)

Chapter Seventeen, Miller (Page 244-245): Human trafficking (Miller saying Ricardo tried to sell his daughter London to him and Dominic)

Chapter Seventeen, Miller (Page 248) Murder attempts (Dominic recalling how June was almost killed before)

Chapter Eighteen, Cora (Page 252): Mention of previous murder (Cora thinking back to Silver coming over when she murdered Joshua)

Chapter Eighteen, Cora (Page 253): Assault marks (Cora noticing the bruises from Ricardo slapping her)

Chapter Eighteen, Cora (Page 254) Parental distrust and mention of possible parental death (Cora talking to her father about her mother possibly being dead already)

Chapter Nineteen, Silver (Page 261): Mention of stalking (Silver stating he sort of stalked Cora)

Chapter Twenty, Cora (Page 263): Assault, human trafficking and forced pregnancy (Cora thinking on how Ricardo only views London as a business transaction, abused her and is forcing Cora to have his baby)

Chapter Twenty, Cora (Page 265): Mention of previous murder (Cora thinking back to murdering Joshua) 

Chapter Twenty, Cora (Page 267): Mention of previous assault (Cora noting that she had to use so much makeup to cover up the handprint from Ricardo slapping her)

Chapter Twenty, Cora (Page 277): Illegal activities (Cora noting that Miller is also involved with Dom and Johnny)

Chapter Twenty, Cora (Page 278): Vacant parental figure (Miller stating that his father is not in touch with him) 

Chapter Twenty, Cora (Page 280): Mention of previous murder (Miller asking Cora if she is upset because she murdered her boss)

Chapter Twenty, Cora (Page 280): Human trafficking (Cora stating she belongs to Ricardo)

Chapter Twenty, Cora (Page 285): Intimidation (Cora noting she has a bunch of missed texted from unknown number)

Chapter Twenty, Cora (Page 287): Friend distrust, lies (Cora noting June and her men lied to her about Miller’s sexuality)

Chapter Twenty, Cora (Page 291): Intimidation (London warning Cora about being in public with Miller and Simon)

Chapter Twenty, Cora (Page 293): Panic attack (Cora having a panic attack while talking with Miller)

Chapter Twenty, Cora (Page 294): Assault marks (Miller noticing Cora’s bruise on her cheek)

Chapter Twenty, Cora (Page 298): Murder (Cora mentioning Miller helping her with her ex boss’s murder

Chapter Twenty One, Alec (Page 310): Murderous intention and assault marks (Miller telling Alec if he is the one that hurt Cora he will kill him)

Chapter Twenty One, Alec (Page 314): Murder and forced pregnancy (Alec telling Miller what Cora said while she was drunk)

Chapter Twenty One, Alec (Page 314): Human trafficking (Miller stating that Ricardo would sell his daughter) 

Chapter Twenty Two, Cora (Page 317): Lies (Cora calling June out on lying about Miller)

Chapter Twenty Two, Cora (Page 320): Human trafficking and forced pregnancy (Cora thinking about how soon Ricardo will own her and his plans for her)

Chapter Twenty Two, Cora (Page 321): Murderous Intent (Simon saying if anyone touches Cora or June he will kill them)

Chapter Twenty Two, Cora (Page 322): Unwanted sexual attention, assault (Random man at the bar grabbing onto Cora and Cora punching him with her purse)

Chapter Twenty Two, Cora (Page 325): Lies (Cora calling out Simon and June for lying to her) 

Chapter Twenty Three, Cora (Page 332): Mention of murder of loved ones (Cora thinking on how if she tells Alec and Silver what is going on Ricardo will kill her parents)

Chapter Twenty Three, Cora (Page 335): Mention of blackmail, sick parent, human trafficking (Cora explaining to Silver and Alec what is happening)

Chapter Twenty Three, Cora (Page 336) Murder (Alec mentioning Cora killing her boss)

Chapter Twenty Three, Cora (Page 337): Murder (Cora saying she hasn’t told anyone because she doesn’t want Ricardo to kill her parents)

Chapter Twenty Four, Silver (Page 341): Murderous intent (Silver wanting to kill Ricardo)

Chapter Twenty Four, Silver (Page 343): Mention of murder of parent, and distrust of parent due to lies (Silver understanding how and why Cora hates her father)

Chapter Twenty Four, Silver (Page 344): Forced pregnancy (Silver realizing Ricardo wants to force Cora to have his baby)

Chapter Twenty Four, Silver (Page 345): Assault marks (Silver noting the bruise on Cora’s cheek)

Chapter Twenty Five, Cora (Page 349): Slight blood play (Period sex with Silver and Cora)

Chapter Twenty Six, Cora (Page 354): Mention of previous murder & secret keeping (Cora seeing that Miller bought the Wellerton and didn’t tell her, and noting it was the day she killed her boss)

Chapter Twenty Six, Cora (Page 355): Mention of assault and murderous intent (Cora thinking back to Silver washing her bag for her and offering to kill the man that she punched)

Chapter Twenty Six, Cora (Page 356): Mention of murderous intent (Cora wondering how Silver can be so sweet but immediately turn around and want to kill someone)

Chapter Twenty Six, Cora (Page 357): Human trafficking (Cora stating how Ricardo wants to sell London off)

Chapter Twenty Six, Cora (Page 359): Human trafficking and murder (Cora noting that Ricardo would hunt them down and London stating he would kill her and her significant other if she had one)

Chapter Twenty Six, Cora (Page 359): HIGHLY toxic parent (London talking about Ricardo)

Chapter Twenty Six, Cora (Page 360-361): Human trafficking, abuse of women and children, lack of moral compass, mention of animal harm (London telling Cora where Miller and his limits are versus Ricardos)

Chapter Twenty Six, Cora (Page 361): Murder attempts (London telling Cora June almost died a couple times for her men)

Chapter Twenty Six, Cora (Page 362): Parental abuse and assault (Ricardo screaming at London and Cora, and grabbing Cora)

Chapter Twenty Six, Cora (Page 364): Murderous intent (Miller storming in and threatening Ricardo)

Chapter Twenty Six, Cora (Page 367): Stalking (Cora putting together that Miller is following her)

Chapter Twenty Six, Cora (Page 371): Fear for life (Cora worrying that now that Miller shot Ricardo in the leg her arrangement might be worse)

Chapter Twenty Six, Cora (Page 375): Mention of previous murder, invasion of privacy. (Miller telling Cora he put trackers in her bags and Alec said it was his idea when she said she killed her boss) 

Chapter Twenty Seven, Miller (Page 378): Mention of the invasion of privacy, lies (Miller apologizing for putting the trackers in her bags)

Chapter Twenty Seven, Miller (Page 381) Slight blood play (Period sex)

Chapter Twenty Seven, Miller (Page 383): Mention of sick parent, threatened parent (Cora explaining to Miller how she got involved with Ricardo)

Chapter Twenty Seven, Miller (Page 383-384): Mention of murderous intent, human trafficking (London stating that her dad might kill her now and Cora explaining her situation further)

Chapter Twenty Seven, Miller (Page 384): Parental abuse (Cora stating that Ricardo came in angry at her and London for talking.)

Chapter Twenty Seven, Miller (Page 385): Forced pregnancy (Cora saying she owes Ricardo an heir)

Chapter Twenty Seven, Miller (Page 385-386): Blackmail, murder (Cora explaining to Miller why she couldn’t tell him or anyone)

Chapter Twenty Seven, Miller (Page 387): Mention of murder, and parental abuse (London showing everyone the scar she has from her father attacking her) 

Chapter Twenty Seven, Miller (Page 388): Murderous intent (London stating that her father will come after Miller now)

Chapter Twenty Eight, Cora (Page 395): Assault (Ricardo attacking Cora over Miller’s actions)

Chapter Twenty Eight, Cora (Page 395): Parental abuse and assault (Ricardo also attacking London over the situation at hand)

Chapter Twenty Eight, Cora (Page 396): Mention of parental abuse (Cora being worried that London didn’t live through the attack like all the other times)

Chapter Twenty Eight, Cora (Page 405): Parental abuse (Cora being worried about what London has gone through)

Chapter Twenty Eight, Cora (Page 407): Murderous intent (Alec saying how badly he wants to kill Ricardo)

Chapter Twenty Nine, Cora (Page 409): Stalking (Cora putting together Miller is stalking Alec too)

Chapter Twenty Nine, Cora (Page 409): Mention of parental abuse and assault (Cora telling Miller that Ricardo attacked London too)

Chapter Twenty Nine, Cora (Page 411): Mention of parental abuse and assault (Cora thinking that Ricardo probably thinks this situation is fun)

Chapter Twenty Nine, Cora (Page 413): Murderous Intent (Cora noting how Alec can change to wanting someone dead quickly)

Chapter Twenty Nine, Cora (Page 415): Human trafficking ideation and parental abuse (Cora noting she only has a little longer till Ricardo owns her and that he beat London in front of her)

Chapter Thirty, Silver (Page 416): Murderous intent (Dravin stating if Ricardo finds out he gave them information he will kill him)

Chapter Thirty, Silver (Page 419): Mention of previous parental abuse and assault and breaking entering (Miller telling Silver the severity of the attack and breaking into Ricardo’s house for Cora’s purse)

Chapter Thirty One, Cora (Page 420): Mention of previous murder (Cora thinking back to her killing her boss)

Chapter Thirty One, Cora (Page 421): Stalking (Cora noting that Miller noticed everything she likes)

Chapter Thirty One, Cora (Page 422): Murder (Cora thinking back to murdering her boss and Alec saying he has thought about killing someone before)

Chapter Thirty Two, Miller (Page 430): Murderous intent (Miller noting everyone has come to check on Cora and think about killing Ricardo)

Chapter Thirty Two, Miller (Page 432): Stalking (Miller admitting he has been stalking Cora)

Chapter Thirty Two, Miller (Page 434): Mention of murder (Cora asking how many people Miller he has killed)

Chapter Thirty Two, Miller (Page 436-437): Dissociation and mental health (Cora mentioning how she handles her mental health issues)

Chapter Thirty Three, Cora (Page 439): Mention of stalking and murder (Cora stating she shouldn’t be okay with Miller stalking her and that he murders people but is)

Chapter Thirty Three, Cora (Page 440): Implication of child sexual abuse (Cora talking about a person who was her father’s friend)

Chapter Thirty Three, Cora (Page 441): Mention of previous rape from childhood (Cora telling Miller what happened to her when she was 16)

Chapter Thirty Three, Cora (Page 443): Mention of previous child abuse (Cora noting the scars on Miller’s chest from his father)

Chapter Thirty Three, Cora (Page 448): Mention of murder (Cora noting that Miller is technically a murderer)

Chapter Thirty Three, Cora (Page 451): Murder (Miller stating he has only killed 2 people this week)

Chapter Thirty Three, Cora (Page 452): Mention of murderous intent and human trafficking (Cora mentioning that her body soon belongs to Ricardo and that even her men can’t kill him)

Chapter Thirty Three, Cora, (Page 454): Mention of murder (Cora stating that if she crosses Ricardo he will kill everyone she loves and her parents)

Chapter Thirty Three, Cora (Page 454): Murder (Cora asking Miller who he has killed this week)

Chapter Thirty Three, Cora (Page 456-457): Lies and friend loss (Cora noting that she is not speaking with June and that June lied to her)

Chapter Thirty Three, Cora (Page 462): Murderous intent (London telling Cora that Ricardo will not let them live through this)

Chapter Thirty Four, Alec (Page 468): Mention of torture (Silver stating that he and Miller are going to torture soneone)

Chapter Thirty Four, Alec (Page 470): Mention of previous murder (Silver mentioning that Cora did kill her boss)

Chapter Thirty Four, Alec (Page 474): Torture (Alec walking in and seeing all the tools)

Chapter Thirty Four, Alec (Page 476): Torture (Miller and Silver torturing Harry)

Chapter Thirty Four, Alec (Page 479): Torture (Cora threatening to go after Harry’s daughter even if she didn’t mean it)

Chapter Thirty Four, Alec (Page 482): Human trafficking (Saying Joe has bought London)

Chapter Thirty Four, Alec (Page 482): Forced Pregnancy (Harry stating that Ricardo is going to get Cora pregnant)

Chapter Thirty Four, Alec (Page 482): Murder (Alec killing Harry)

Chapter Thirty Five, Cora (Page 484): Mention of previous assault (Cora noting her body still sore and bruised after the attack from Ricardo)

Chapter Thirty Five, Cora (Page 485): Implication of human trafficking (Cora noting she doesn’t have much time till Ricardo owns her)

Chapter Thirty Five, Cora (Page 487): Assault Marks (Cora and London talking about the bruises and other things from the attack)

Chapter Thirty Five, Cora (Page 488): Murder and Human trafficking implementation (London saying that if her father doesn’t kill her, the man he sells her to will)

Chapter Thirty Five, Cora (Page 489): Murderous intent (Cora stating she wishes she could kill Joe)

Chapter Thirty Five, Cora (Page 490): Murderous intent (Cora stating she wants to put a bullet in Joe’s head)

Chapter Thirty Six, Silver (Page 501): Murderous intent (Cora stating that Simon said he wanted to kill Ricardo)

Chapter Thirty Six, Silver (Page 504): Murderous intent (Archer stating if Ricardo finds out he would kill him)

Chapter Thirty Six, Silver (Page 507): Murderous intent (Dom wanting to kill all the old reign)

Chapter Thirty Eight, Cora (Page 520): Murderous Concern and Human Trafficking(Cora concerned this plan will not work and Ricardo will kill them all or own her)

Chapter Thirty Eight, Cora (Page 521): Death (Ricardo noting his friends are dead via a phone call)

Chapter Thirty Eight, Cora (Page 522): Forced pregnancy (Ricardo noting he needs a son now)

Chapter Thirty Eight, Cora (Page 524): Death of a parent (Silver telling Cora her mother is dead)

Chapter Thirty Nine, Miller (Page 526): Death of a parent (Miller stating they never took in to consideration Cora’s mother being dead)

Chapter Thirty Nine, Miller (Page 526): Murderous intent (Miller stating they need to kill Ricardo)

Chapter Thirty Nine, Miller (Page 527): Murderous intent (Cora wanting Ricardo dead)

Chapter Thirty Nine, Miller (Page 528): Murder and death (Miller stating he wanted to go shoot Ricardo himself but they’d kill him too)

Chapter Thirty Nine, Miller (Page 532): Death (Silver being involved in the explosion)

Chapter Forty, Alec (Page 534): Death of a parent (Alec noting that Cora’s mom is dead)

Chapter Forty, Alec (Page 537): Forced Pregnancy (Alec noting that Silver didn’t tell Dominic about Ricardo making Cora have his baby)

Chapter Forty, Alec (Page 537): Death of a parent (Dom asking if the deal is off since Cora’s mother is dead)

Chapter Forty One, Cora (Page 540): Murder (Cora noting any of them could of marched into Ricardo’s and killed him but they’d die too)

Chapter Forty One, Cora (Page 543): Parental abuse and assault (Cora noting the room that Ricardo brought her to is that in which he beat her and London in)

Chapter Forty One, Cora (Page 544): Murder (Cora attempting to stab Ricardo with a hidden knife and thinking back to murdering her boss)

Chapter Forty One, Cora (Page 544): Assault (Ricardo attacking and choking Cora)

Chapter Forty One, Cora (Page 544-545): Murder (Cora stabbing Ricardo with her heels repeatedly)

Chapter Forty One, Cora (Page 545): Murder (Cora shooting Ricardo repeatedly)

Chapter Forty Two, Silver (Page 547): Disappearance (Silver helping London go into hiding)

Chapter Forty Two, Silver (Page 548): Death and human trafficking (Silver noting that Joe will be harder to kill now that Ricardo is dead and that London was already sold to him)

Chapter Forty Three, Cora (Page 550): Death of a parent (Cora noting she didn’t have a funeral for her mother or tell her father she’s dead)

Chapter Forty Three, Cora (Page 550): Parental hate (Cora hating her father for lying to her)

Chapter Forty Three, Cora (Page 553): Lies and betrayal (June apologizing to Cora for what she did)

Chapter Forty Three, Cora (Page 555-556): Murder (Cora noting how she killed Ricardo and asking June if she has killed anyone)

Epilogue, Cora (Page 558-559): Murder (Cora and Dom talking about taking out the old reign)

Epilogue, Cora (Page 571): Murder and rape implication (Cora seeing the man who took her innocence)

Epilogue, Cora (Page 573): Child predator (Jerry not thinking what he did to Cora was wrong)

Epilogue, Cora (Page 574): Rape (Jerry finally admitting what he did to Cora)

Epilogue, Cora (Page 575): Torture and Murder (Cora asking Miller to make Jerry’s death slow and painful)

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